Baby Brewster Lychees soaking up the #floridasunshine #inthegrove #litchi #thewildguava #feedpeople
Introducing the 'Sweet Cliff' lychee! This little beauty has a smooth skin and an incredible, true l
Baby lychees just starting to form! #lychee #litchi #centralfl #cleaneating #exoticfruit #thewildgua
Lychees we picked yesterday! They'll be for sale Saturday at the Ybor Market, Centennial park in Ybo
Brewster Lychees at the grove! They'll be ready for markets this weekend! #lychee #litchi #freshlych
Baby Lychee on our grove #lychee #litchi #babyfruit #stilldeveloping #patternsinnature #tampabay #ta
Fresh Florida Lychees for sale today, give your mom a taste of the tropics! Come see us at the Semin
Lychee in the orchard, blooming and forming tiny fruit! #lychee #litchi #litchinut #lycheetree #litc


Known as the King of Tropical Fruit, Lychees are sweet, juicy and full of an indescribable tropical flavor. Nothing is better than eating them fresh, lightly chilled on a hot day. They can be processed into juice, canned or frozen. Containing large amounts of vitamins C, B and E, antioxidants and copper. The fruit under the red outer shell is a cream white with a grape-like consistency, There is a shiny brown seed in the middle. They are very perishable and can be frozen, but it diminishes the taste and health benefits.


Lychees are medium to large evergreen trees. They need a small chill to set fruit, but temps below 28 deg will damage the tree. Though sensitive when young, the tree will get hardier as it ages. It prefers well drained soil and consistent watering when getting established and setting fruit, it can handle short floods. The fruit should be picked when completely ripe (red) and the whole branch should be harvested at once. They are perishable.

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