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Large leaf Moringa now in stock! Grows faster than the small leaf variety #moringaoleifera #moringa


Every peace of this plant but the wood can be eaten. Leaves can be used fresh like spinach, in salads or scrambled eggs, or dried and powdered then used as a supplement in juices, smoothies or capsules. Young growth shoots can be steamed or sautéed like asparagus. The roots can be used like horseradish, cleaned and grated. The seed pods can be cooked when young and tender like okra. Moringa is often called the miracle tree because it contains 46 antioxidants, 18 amino acids, 90 different nutrients, calcium, protein, vitamins A & B, magnesium, trace minerals and much more! It can also be used to help the skin.


Moringa’s are low maintenance, easy, happy growers. They do well in difficult soil, wet and dry areas. They can be topped several times to create a large bush, this is best for leaf production. The cut pieces can be stuck right back in the ground, they will root and you'll have new moringas!

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