Stock List

Below is an 'at a glance' version of our current Stock and Price List. Quantities are limited. 

If you know which plant you want, please contact us to pre-order to your most conventient market.

We only sell out of our Market Locations. We have an extensive variety of trees, and it is not possible to bring every variety to every market. Please pre-order to avoid disappointment!

Updated July 2017

1g Plants

​6in diameter pot; ​ $10-$15

-Black Pepper vine
-Goji Berry

-Turmeric (orange/ culinary)

3g Plants

10in diameter pot; $25-$35

-Starfruit (carambola), Kari & B-10 
-Strawberry Cattley Guava
-Lemon Cattley Guava 
-Barbie Pink Guava
-Soursop (seedling)
-Tamarind (tart)

-Phalsa (sherbet berry) 

-Cherry of the Rio Grande

-Salavatski Pomegranate

-Glenn Mango

-Nam Doc Mai Mango

-Angie Mango

-Purple Jaboticaba

-Canistel Seedling

-Achacha (Honey Drop Mangosteen)

-Hypoluxo Plum

7g Plants

​14in Diameter Pot; ​ $50-$75 ​

-Miracle Fruit (fruiting now!)

-Dwarf Maher Starfruit (Carambola) 

-Big Jim Loquat

-Small Jackfruit

-Green Sugar Apple

-NS1 Seedling Jackfruit


-Lemon Cattley Guava

-Strawberry Cattley Guava


-Purple Jaboticaba


-Pace Mamey Sapote

-Viejo Mamey Sapote

-Wilson Black Sapote


-Red Suriname Cherry


-Red Guava

-White Guava

-Bay Leaf

-Wax Jambu

-Kari Starfruit

-Vietnamese Red Pomegranate

15g Plants

​17in Diameter;  ​ $80-$200

-Fairchild II Canistel


-Beaumont Macadamia

-Fruit Punch Mango

-Rosie Gold Mango 

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